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  • Manage Your Money Wisely As A College Student
  • Submitted by Peter on 2010-01-07
  • Manage Your Money Wisely As A College Student
    By Staff Writer

    Students with rich parents can do without worrying about money. But for most, getting a college degree is expensive. Even if your parents do send you to college, you definitely need to work out your budget.

    Balanced Entertainment

    As a young college student it is normal to indulge in unnecessary expenses like eating out or buying expensive clothes and watching movies. Such things are a part of college life. Naturally you have joined college to prepare for a good career so you should spend maximum time studying. However, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You should definitely enjoy yourself with your friends but in a balanced amount.

    Too much entertainment will mean excessive expenditure and that can put you into debt. If you have a student credit card, use it wisely so that your credit card bill does not go beyond your repaying capacity.

    Part Time Jobs After College Timings

    You could pick up a part time job to support your education or extra expenses like work as a library assistant or as an attendant at a food joint. You can also pick up a job as a part time tutor for students of smaller classes. Such jobs can give you the extra money that you need but you should manage your time well so that your studies do not suffer.

    It is important not to pick up part time jobs which expect you to meet strict deadlines or targets even if they are paying more than simple part time occupations. Such jobs can be mentally stressful and make it difficult for you to pay attention to your studies. Your college studies should be the main focus of your college days and earning money should not be your priority. 

    Of course being young you would like to enjoy yourself but that can be done after you earn your degree and have a career. If required check your expenses so that you are not burdened with unnecessary bills and debts to repay.
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