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  • What is ACT and How to Register for the test
  • Submitted by Bill on 2010-01-02
  • How to Register for the ACT

    The ACT is a standardized test that is used in much the same way as the SAT for college admissions. In order to take it, however, you must register. There are a couple of ways you can do this.

    1. Go to the website ACTStudent.org. This will bring you directly to the ACT registration area.
    2. Create an account. This account will also allow you to view and send your scores so it is a good investment of your time. It is also free, so even if you don't want to register right now, make the account anyway.
    3. Click on "Register Now!" You will be taken through a series of questions. Answer them all as accurately as you can. There are a lot of pages, but they're all important, so make sure you go through all of them.

    1. Try to avoid standby testing at all costs. If you forget to register, you can still take the test if there are spots available at a testing center. This is not recommended however, as standby testers have to pay more and wait longer to get their scores. Try to remember to register long before the test date.
    2. Go to a large testing center. A bigger testing location will be more likely to have room for you. If you have time, do some research before you leave.
    3. Arrive early. Testing spots are given on a first-come first-serve basis, so arriving early increases your chance at a spot.
    4. Ask the head proctor if there is room for you to test. You will be given paperwork and instructions on how to do this. If the head proctor doesn't give you instructions, be sure to ask. You don't want to make a mistake in registration and find out a few months later that the test didn't count.


    • Also on the ACT website is some test prep. There are practice questions along with a complete test. These are free and very valuable. Be sure to run through them all before the test if possible.
    • Registering online is usually better than by mail. Registration packets sometimes get lost in the mail. Online registration is secure and easy, plus when you're done, you'll have an account so you can easily view your scores later.
    • Be sure to choose a secure password for your ACT student account. This account will have a lot of personal information that you might not want compromised. It might even contain your social security number.


    Source: wikiHow

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