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  • Contact:
  • 1312 Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building
    Department of Physics and Astronomy
    Michigan State University (MSU)
    East Lansing, MI 48824
    United States
    Phone: 517-355-9200 ext 2032

  • Degrees Granted:
  • Masters, Doctorate

  • Programs offered:
  • On-campus, Online

  • Description:
  • A broad range of research areas are available in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at MSU. Our motivated, high quality graduate students are crucial to the success of these programs. Prospective graduate students are always welcome to contact the research faculty or to direct their questions to the graduate recruitment committee.

    Graduate students at MSU are not merely physicists. Many of us also become proficient in biology, chemistry, computer programming, engineering, mathematics, and much more. We can be geeky, but we're also athletes, dancers, gamers, musicians, parents, singers, writers and much more.

  • Admission Information:
  • Your application package to our graduate program should include:

    1. Completed application form
    You can complete the application online or print it out.
    To receive the application forms and information about our department sent to you via regular mail, send your request by electronic mail to gradforms at, and a package will be mailed to you.
    2. Statement of Purpose:
    As part of your completed application, you are asked to submit a statement of purpose. There are many websites that offer advice on the SOP but please be sure to address the following:
    Why do you want to study Physics at the graduate level?
    Describe any research experience, including conferences attended and papers published.
    State your area(s) of interest. If you are undecided, list all areas that appeal to you.
    3. GRE and TOEFL scores:
    The GRE General Exam is required; the GRE Subject Exam is not required, but is recommended and greatly improves your application.
    The TOEFL is required for foreign students.
    The institution code for MSU for both GRE and TOEFL is 1465; the Department of Physics and Astronomy code is 0808 for physics and 0801 for astronomy
    4. Official transcripts of grades sent directly from your institution.
    5. Three letters of reference
    6. Application fee of $50

    Have items 3 and 4 sent to:

    Director of Graduate Studies,
    Physics and Astronomy Department
    Michigan State University
    East Lansing, MI 48824-2320

  • Financial Aids:
  • About 150 students now serve as teaching or research assistants. Students are usually teaching assistants in laboratory or recitation sections for introductory physics during the first year of graduate study. Later they transfer to research assistantships in their chosen area of doctoral research specialization. Half-time graduate research and teaching assistantship stipends begin at $1450/Month for the 2007 - 2008 academic year. Summer assistantships are available. In addition to this stipend, students receive a full tuition waiver for all of the recommended physics/astronomy courses. Health insurance is also provided for the academic year. Teaching Assistants spend up to 20 hours a week on their duties, including 6-10 contact hours in laboratories or help rooms. The normal graduate level course load taken by first year students in our graduate program is 6 to 9 credit hours per semester.

    The following support is also available for exceptionally skilled incoming graduate students:

    - College of Natural Science Doctoral Fellowship
    - Center for Fundamental Materials Research Fellowship for outstanding applicants in materials research
    - NSCL Fellowship
    - Herbert Graham Scholarships

    Students with outstanding records are automatically considered for and nominated for these fellowships.

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