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This model illustrates the digestive processes that take place in the human organism. To run the animation, press "Run" button and follow directions that appear on the screen.

Food enters the human organism through the oral cavity. Here, it is processed by the saliva and is ground by the teeth before being swallowed. Having passed the gullet it comes to the stomach, where digestion takes place under the impact of digestive juices.

After that, the processed food mass moves into the intestines, where it undergoes further digestive processing by bile and pancreatic juice. Pancreatic juice contains digestive ferments, and digestion continues in the intestinal cavity (cavity digestion). Special fibers (villi) are located on the walls of the intestines and they are, in turn, covered by micro fibers. Micro villi are abound with digestive ferments, and here the process of digestion comes to an end (as membrane digestion occurs.) All the necessary substances are absorbed into the blood stream. Undigested remains are excreted from the body.

Press "Stop" button to bring the animation to a halt. Press "Reset" to return the model to its initial state.

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