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Time Zones

This model demonstrates the notion of zonetime. Greenwich time is considered "universal" in scientific community. It is convenient for scientific and technological communications but not for daily life. Moscow will see the daybreak while New York will be in the dead of night, although universal time will be the same. Therefore, the Earth is broken down into 24 time zones. Each zone has its own zonetime, differing from Greenwich time by the whole number of hours.

Select the time zone where you are at present before starting interaction with the model. After that your civil time will be displayed in the line Your Computer Current Time. In Russia, it is ahead of zonetime by one hour in winter and two hours in summer. Reset button allows returning the system into initial condition, e.g., for cancellation of poor selection.

You may click mouse in any land point after your time zone has been determined. The line Regional Current Time will display zone time in the region you have selected (in case changes from summer to winter time are observed there, like in Russia).

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