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Solar System

This 3D dynamic model illustrates planetary rotation in the Solar System. The Sun is in the model's center, surrounded by the Solar System's principal planets. Press "Run" button to activate the model, press "Stop" button to suspend it, and press "Reset" to return the model to its initial state.

You may change your angle of observation in the input window. The Solar System will rotate around its horizontal axis. You may also modify the model's appearance by turning off the display of planetary names, their orbits, and the coordinate system.

This model illustrates the real ratios of planetary orbits and their characteristics. The Sun is situated in the orbital focus for each of the planets. Note that the orbits of Neptune and Pluto intersect each other.

It is rather hard to display all the planets in a small display window at once. Consequently, the planets of the Solar System are broken into different groups that may be displayed separately. Select the desired observation pattern by using an appropriate group of switches.

The oblong nature of planetary orbits exists due to the fact that we view them at an angle. The actual characteristics of planetary orbits will become more apparent if you set the Visual Angle input field to 90?.

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