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Local Group

90% of all galaxies are concentrated in galactic clusters that include dozens to several thousands members. Galaxies are rarely solitary.

Local Group of Galaxies with a size of 1.5 Mpc is comprised of our Galaxy, Andromeda's Nebula M31, Triangulum's Nebula M33, Big Magellan Cloud (BMC), Small Magellan Cloud (SMC), irregular galaxies NGC 6822, IC 1613, and some dwarf galaxies - a total of around forty galaxies held together by mutual gravitational forces. According to the latest studies, the Local Group is traveling at 635 km/s in respect to the neighboring clusters.

This model is a 3D map of the Local Group. Position of the observer in respect to the system of galaxies may be changed by two different methods. You may enter new values in the input windows that correspond to the position on the three-dimensional coordinate system, or you may drag any galaxy to a new place with your mouse. Dragging the Milky Way will result in a bias in the central frame of reference rather than in rotation of the reference frame, since galactic coordinates are established in respect to the Milky Way.

Use Scale Input window to change the scale of the image. When the selected magnification is high, you will be able to observe the internal structure of the larger galaxies, while the Milky Way will be seen as a spiral system that changes its appearance as you rotate the frame of reference.

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