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Periodic Table


This application makes it possible for you to get acquainted in detail with the properties of elements. You can click on any box with element to open description of properties of this element. At the right bottom of the description, you will find small fraction of periodic table provided for changing over to descriptions of the elements located in the neighborhood of this one. In the bottom line, there are references provided for coming back to the previous element or table.
In the table, you can change coloration of the elements (i.e. default metal/non-metal properties of the elements). Upon "Electronegativity" item has been chosen in the list opened at the top of the appendix, you can see that the elements are broken down in groups according to their electronegativity. The item of the group makes it possible to know to what group each element belongs. The explanation of coloration is given just below the list of its options.

See the working Periodic Table in the modules section.
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