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A set of different types of aromatic compounds is presented in the model. The word aromatic is usually used to refer to benzene and its structural relatives. The first group of the demonstrated compounds includes those ones that consist of one or several benzene rings (without substituents). The compounds of second group contain one ring in which one hydrogen atom is substituted by any residual. In the third group there are already two residuals in the benzene ring. Switching between individual demonstrations in these groups is operated by radio-buttons located under the main window. To see the next example of the group press the "Next" button. The "Reset" button returns the model into initial state. Remarkably, anthracene is not the only compound that consists of three benzene-like rings fused together. Phenanthrene is an isomer of anthracene. In phenanthrene the third ring is not the most outlying one (in phenanthrene the third and the middle rings are linked by another common bond).
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