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Qualitative Analysis III
This model will help you understand how to solve qualitative analysis problems, teaching you to identify the ions in a given solution.

In the process of solving the problem, you will pour one substance from the upper row and one substance from the lower row into the flask, and see whether the reaction gives precipitate. To do that, drag the appropriate test tube towards the flask, and drop it when it supersedes the flask. In addition to that, you can carry out "solution filtering". Place the funnel into one of the empty flasks. Then other flask should be carried over to this one. After the funnel has been removed from the flask, add the reagents. Before you start any further testing, make sure to empty the flask by dragging it to the waste tank.

There are two possible feedback signals that you can receive from the model. A green checkmark indicates that the procedure is permissible, while a red cross indicates that the procedure is prohibited.

Once you have determined which ions are present in the solution, put checkmarks against their names. The names should be chosen from the list that is located below the main window of the model. Press "Check" button to verify your answers.

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