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This model will help you improve your understanding of pH indicators, and teach you how to identify the three most commonly used indicators. Specify the pH value of the solution in the flask using an input field with scrollable buttons that is located below the main window of the model. Then, pour one of the indicators from the test tube into the flask and observe how the color of the liquid changes. To do that, drag the appropriate test tube towards the flask, and release the test tube when it supersedes the flask. Before you start any further testing, make sure to empty the flask by dragging it to the waste tank.

There are two possible feedback signals that you can receive from the model. A green checkmark indicates that the procedure is permissible, while a red cross indicates that the procedure is prohibited. When you realize which indicator is contained in one of the test tubes, you can choose its name from a list that is located at the bottom of the model. Once you have established the contents of all three test tubes, press "Check" button to verify your answers.

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