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This model provides study of properties of different kinds of symmetry such as:

- Central symmetry.

- Symmetry about a straight line.

To choose the kind of symmetry click the respective button. Here both the position of a point being the centre of symmetry and that of a straight line in your display can be changed by the mouse.

By using the button bar, you can choose the shape of a figure (triangle, rectangle, trapezoid) and also its size by virtue of the scale. You may draw a figure of general shape by means of the mouse if you choose the "pencil".

After clicking the button "DRAW" the model executes all the necessary constructions, i.e., it draws a figure symmetric to an initial one about a point or straight line.

The button "CLEAR" clears the field of a figure.

You need to install ActiveX plug-in to be able to view this model.
You can download it here.

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