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Solution of a triangle. Problem 1

The model illustrates the solution of a triangle from one side and two adjacent angles.

First, you may change the triangle. Pick up the A vertex and move it.

Lets solve the triangle. Press the Start button. The triangle element list will appear. Some parameters are known (a, α, β). You must find all unknown sides and the angel.

To do this step-by-step find required elements. To find an element choose the element that you want to find (group of radio buttons What to find), choose the required formula (group of radio buttons Formula), select required known elements (group of check boxes What use to find) and press the Calculate button. If you make a correct choice, the program will calculate the required element. If you make mistake, it will display an error message.

You can use following formulas:
Cosine law: c2=a2+b2- 2ab cos γ
Sine law: sin α / a = sin β / b = sin γ / c
The angles sum at the triangle: α + β + γ = 180o

At any time you can press the Reset button. The model will return to the initial state.

When you find all triangle elements the task will be completed. The Calculate button will disappear. Press the Reset button to solve the next task.

You need to install ActiveX plug-in to be able to view this model.
You can download it here.

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