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This model is the computer analog of the ancient geometric game which develops a spatial imagination very well. The basis of the game is a possibility to make up any entertaining figures from the parts of a square cutting in a special way (tangram). In the picture the separate parts of a square are shown by different colours.

Selecting the buttons "MOVE" and "ROTATION" and using your mouse you can make up different figures. The button "SELECT" makes it possible to select in an accidental way a figure which you want to make up from the tangram parts. The button "ANSWER" shows correct dividing of the figure into the tangram parts. The button "CANCEL" returns the tangram to the origin position where the square is made up.

You can select a figure also by pressing the buttons "RIGHT" and "LEFT" which are below the figure. Pressing these buttons do not release the mouse button too quickly.

You need to install ActiveX plug-in to be able to view this model.
You can download it here.

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