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Reflection and Parallel shift

This model illustrates a process of construction a graph of |2-2∙sqrt(|x-2|-2)| from a graph of function f1(x) = sqrt(x).

  • f(x) shifts to f2(x) = f(x-2);

  • f2(x) transforms to f3(x) = f(|x-2|);

  • f3(x) shifts to f4(x) = f(|x-2|-2);

  • f4(x) stretches to f5(x) = 2∙f(|x-2|-2);

  • f5(x) is OX reflected into f6(x) = -2∙f(|x-2|-2);

  • f6(x) shifts to f7(x) = 2-2∙f(|x-2|-2);

  • f8(x) is module of function f7(x), that is f8(x) = |2-2∙f(|x-2|-2)|;

The transformation is completed.

The model is a movie. To navigate through the movie use Play, Pause, Stop, Previous step and Next step buttons.

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