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Polar coordinate system

A point of origin for a polar coordinate system is called a pole. A polar axis is a closed half-line with the pole as a vertex and defined unit segments.

Each point in a polar system is associated with pair or numbers (ρ; φ). The coordinate ρ is a distance from the pole to the point. The coordinate φ is an angle between the polar axis and a segment connected the pole and the point. The angle is positive if it is clockwise and negative if counterclockwise.

Note that the angle is ambiguously determined because pairs of numbers (ρ; φ+2πn) correspond to the one point in the polar system.

In this model you can set points and view its polar coordinates. Right click on the model reveals a menu. Choose item Others / Point then left click on the model to set points in the polar system. To view a point`s coordinates choose Select item in the pop-up menu and double click on the point. Then Properties of Point window is shown. A text field rho corresponds to ρ coordinate. A text field phi corresponds to φ coordinate in degrees.

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