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Solving linear equations
This simulation is designed for solving linear equations in just a few simple steps. Enter an equation in the top edit window, for example: 5x + 2 = 4x + 3. Press the button designated by an arrow to verify that the expression is correct. The expression will be marked as wrong if one of the following occurs:

  • the equation is not linear : x = sin(x)
  • the expression is incomplete : x + 5
  • the variable cancels out : x + 3 = x + 5
  • computer is incapable to solve the equation If the expression is wrong, an error message will appear.

The following transformations must take place in order to arrive at the final answer:

  1. 5∙x-4∙x+2=3
  2. 5∙x-4∙x =3-2
  3. 5∙x-4∙x =1
  4. x=1

You can arrive at the answer by pressing "Answer" button at the bottom of the applet, or you may try to guess what the answer is by entering the expression in the last edit window and pressing "Done". Press "Reset" to proceed to the next equation.

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