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   Vector Components
   Relative Motion
   Vector Addition
   Velocity and Displacement
   Motion with Constant Acceleration
   Motion (1 - D) with Constant Acceleration
   Acceleration and Instantaneous Velocity
   Projectile Motion
   Circular Motion
   Moving Bodies On Weightless Block
   Block on Frictionless surface
   Weight and Weightlessness
   Hooke`s Law
   Motion On Inclined Plane
   Ingots Equilibrium
   Hydraulic Machine
   Rocket Propulsion
   Kinetic and Potential Energy
   Collisions of Elastic Balls
   Elastic and Inelastic Collisions
   Bernoulli`s Equation
   Momentum Of Inertia
   Kepler`s Laws
   Mechanical Work
   Newton`s Second Law
   Archimedes` Principle
   Beam Balance
   Body motion in the Earth`s gravitational field
   Consersation of mechanical energy
   Body weight
   Gravitational potential energy
   Free Fall
   The Law of Gravity
   The Hooke`s law
   Hydraulic machine. Movie
   The Law of Conservation of Momentum
   Newtons?s Third Law
   Kinetic Energy
   Simple Pendulum
   The Law of Conservation of Energy
   Initial Velocity Components
   Heat Collision
   Target Practice 2
   Orbital Motion Force
   Orbital Motion Problem
   Target Practice 1
   Projectile Motion 2
   Kinetic Model of Ideal Gas
   Brownian Motion
   Adiabatic Process
   Isothermal Process
   Isochoric Process
   Isobaric Process
   Carnot Cycle
   Specific Heat of a Gas
   Evaporation and Condensation
   Gas Diffusion
   Work Done by a Gas
   Maxwell Distribution
   Semipermeable membrane
   Isotherms of Real Gas
   Thermodynamic Cycles
   Entropy and Phase Transitions
   Heat Transfer
   Gas Work Negative Piston V
   Gas Work Positive Piston V
   Matter Structure
   First law of thermodynamics
   Work done by an Ideal Gas
   Phase change
   Mains pressure
   Heat contact
   Heat Engines
   Internal Energy
   Thermodynamic Cycles 2
Mechanical Oscillations and Waves
   Harmonic Oscillations
   Free Oscillations (pendulum)
   Free Oscillations (spring)
   Transformation of the Energy
   Forced Oscillations
   Normal Modes of String
   Transverse and Longitudinal Waves
   Doppler Effect
   Spring pendulum
   Interconversion of energy in spring pendulum
   Doppler Effect 2
Electricity and Magnetism
   Electric Field of Point Charges
   Interaction of Point Charges
   Magnetic Field of a Straight Conductor
   Direct Current Circuits
   DC Circuits with Capacitors
   Parallel - Plate Capacitor
   Magnetic Field of a Circular Loop
   Magnetic Field of a Solenoid
   Interaction of Two Parallel Currents
   Torque on a Current - Carrying Loop
   Motion of a Charged Particle in Electricity
   Motion of a Charged Particle in Magnetic Field
   Velocity Selector
   Faraday Experiment
   Motion Electromotive Force
   The Alternating Current Generator
   The RC Circuit
   The RL Circuit
   Free Oscillations in RLC Circuits
   Forced Oscillations in RLC Circuit
   Electric Flux
   Coulomb`s Law
   Electroscope. Kinds of charge
   Oersted demonstration
   Electric curcuit
   Electromagnetic Induction
   Joule-Lenz`s Law
   Magnetic Field
   Rotation of the Current Loop in Magnetic Field
   Interaction of Electric Charges
   Mass Spectrometer 2
   Motion of a Charged Particle in Electric Field 2
   The R-L-C Circuit 2
   Motional Electromorive Force
   Motion of Charged Particles in Magnetic Field
   Fourier analysis
   The R-L-C Circuit 1
   The Alternating Current Generator 2
   The R-C Circuit
   Interaction of Two Parallel Currents 2
   The R-L Circuit 1
   The R-L Circuit 2
   Alternating Current in the L-R-C Series Circuit 1
   Alternating Current in the L-R-C Series Circuit 2
   Reflection and Refraction
   The Plane Mirror
   Spherical Mirror
   The System of Two Lenses
   The Eye
   The Telescope
   Newton`s Rings
   Young`s Interference Experiment
   Fresnel`s Zones
   The Diffraction Grating
   Circular Apertures and Resolving Power
   Polarization of Light
   Ray refraction
   Reflection in the mirror
   The Lens
   The Plane Mirror 2
   Reflection and Refraction 2
   Velocity Selector 2
   Two Lenses
Modern Physics
   The Photoelectric Effect
   The Compton Scattering
   Bohr`s postulates
   Standing Electron Waves on a Circular Orbit
   The Hydrogen Atom
   Wave Packet
   The Uncertainty Principle
   Particle in a Box
   The Electron Diffraction
   The Laser. Two Levels Model
   Stability of Nuclei
   Relativity of Time
   Relativity of Length
   Potential Barriers
   Potential Wells
   Potential Energy Diagrams
   Nuclear Reactions
   Particle in a Box 2
   Binding Energy of Nucleus
   Wave Packet 2
   Relativity of Time 2
   Planetary model of atom
   Nuclear structure
   Gauss Law for Sphere
   Particle Physics
   Particle Scattering
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