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   Electric Field of Point Charges
   Interaction of Point Charges
   Magnetic Field of a Straight Conductor
   Direct Current Circuits
   DC Circuits with Capacitors
   Parallel - Plate Capacitor
   Magnetic Field of a Circular Loop
   Magnetic Field of a Solenoid
   Interaction of Two Parallel Currents
   Torque on a Current - Carrying Loop
   Motion of a Charged Particle in Electricity
   Motion of a Charged Particle in Magnetic Field
   Velocity Selector
   Faraday Experiment
   Motion Electromotive Force
   The Alternating Current Generator
   The RC Circuit
   The RL Circuit
   Free Oscillations in RLC Circuits
   Forced Oscillations in RLC Circuit
   Electric Flux
   Coulomb`s Law
   Electroscope. Kinds of charge
   Oersted demonstration
   Electric curcuit
   Electromagnetic Induction
   Joule-Lenz`s Law
   Magnetic Field
   Rotation of the Current Loop in Magnetic Field
   Interaction of Electric Charges
   Mass Spectrometer 2
   Motion of a Charged Particle in Electric Field 2
   The R-L-C Circuit 2
   Motional Electromorive Force
   Motion of Charged Particles in Magnetic Field
   Fourier analysis
   The R-L-C Circuit 1
   The Alternating Current Generator 2
   The R-C Circuit
   Interaction of Two Parallel Currents 2
   The R-L Circuit 1
   The R-L Circuit 2
   Alternating Current in the L-R-C Series Circuit 1
   Alternating Current in the L-R-C Series Circuit 2
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