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   Theorem 1
   Theorem 2 (The test for skew lines)
   Theorem 3a
   Theorem 3b (Transitivity of parallelism)
   Theorem 4 (The test for parallelism of a line to a plane)
   Theorem 6 (The test for parallelism of two planes)
   Theorem 10
   Parallel Projection
   Representation of a parallelepiped
   Representation of a prism.
   Representation of a triangular pyramid
   Representation of a regular triangular pyramid
   Representation of a quadrilateral pyramid
   Problem 1
   Problem 2
   Problem 3
   Problem 4
   Problem 5
   Problem 6
   Problem 7
   Problem 8
   Problem 9
   Problem 9a
   Parallelism in Space. Movie.
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